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I don’t understand in the slightest why so many people stress out all the time and think about the little things all day long. Better yet, I can’t understand why people are so adamant on trying to avoid others without being accepting of them.

That’s what makes Tom Chivers’ recent column in the Telegraph all the more meaningful to me. I consider it to be a real wake-up call to anyone who tries to think about the little things all day long. Chivers really does put things in perspective when he mentions that your lifespan is slowly running away as every week is anther good 0.025% of your life gone. This might sound like a small bit but it can really add up after a while.

Chivers argues that we people on this planet are the only things in the universe that can really work towards understanding the universe and how it all works. We have to work hard to make our lives meaningful because we all have short attention spans. Eighty years might sound like a long time but it is nothing when compared to how long humanity has been around for. You have to make your life worth something if you want to be satisfied with it.

I absolutely agree with Chivers’ argument that we cannot just try to think about silly conspiracies and other questionable mystic ideas as they are nothing but the small stuff in life. They are just things that people think about because they have nothing better to do in their lives. You shouldn’t be thinking that like as it’s not something I would recommend doing.

It’s especially important to be tolerant of other people. I think that our lives would be much better if we were a little more accepting of society and that we didn’t criticize others for what they believe. This is a challenge to some but I feel that it is something that must be considered as our lives are often tough for what it’s worth.

You really have to live your life to the fullest if you want to go places. The fact is that you can’t just think about what you will do in the future and how it will impact the world. The fact is that the people you are around will die out just as well and that your work may end up being forgotten at time goes along.

The fact that the human race will someday die out as a whole will only make some of the small things that you do all the more questionable and unnecessary. I know that it sounds like a harsh concept that Tom Chivers introduces but it is a good point that has to be understood regardless of what people would think about.

In summary, I agree with the article and the ways how it explains how we should be more concerned with our lives and to be open to ideas without thinking about questionable stuff. We have to think about ourselves in the big picture and in realistic terms if our lives are to actually be worth something.

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