Towards A Tolerant Society That Respects Diversity and Encourages Inclusivity

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We cannot ignore the fact that we live in a globalized world. There are more and more people migrating into our country each day. There are also many people emigrating to other countries in search of jobs and other opportunities. It is therefore unlikely that we will continue to comfortably live in our own cultural cocoon. Our society is in itself shaped by very many people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We would not be as powerful and as great if we did not embrace each other as a people and set our differences aside.

However, our society is becoming more and more intolerant to minorities. This is a sad reality because the blood and sweat of both the majority and minority populations present in this country today built the foundations of our economy and industrial might. We must therefore look at the direction our social interactions are taking. We can begin by examining why we need diversity and inclusivity in our society. Here are a couple of reasons why.

Diversity prevents monotony in our economic, social and political systems. It encourages us to think outside the box and really examine where we as a people want to go. We question our values, the importance of our principles and the missing pieces in our moral fabric. It is only through diversity that we truly learn to be just, accountable and responsible for what happens to our fellow citizens, now and in future.

Diversity adds to our cultural and historical heritage. This is because we can now identify with different societies all over the globe. We can relate to their cultures, customs and beliefs. We can do this from a point of knowledge and not from an ignorant perspective. We can now understand the world better and appreciate what humanity has overcome and how far we are yet to go.

Diversity also increases our overall level of satisfaction and happiness. This happens when society allows everyone to pursue happiness by choosing his or her own destiny. We should not hinder anyone in their pursuit of what they believe will add value to their life just as long as it does not interfere with the lives and freedoms of others. Additionally, we should not also discriminate against anyone who chooses a given lifestyle that we see as strange or unconventional. It is their choice not ours.

At the end of the day, an inclusive society is able to produce people who are happy and content with their lives. People who live in such a society will fight to protect it. This therefore means that an inclusive society also brings out a sense of belonging and national pride. Patriotism soon follows thereafter. People will protect the structures, systems and government that make them feel included and important just like everybody else.

We as a society should therefore be more tolerant to diverse views, opinions, cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds. We should create systems in our schools, universities, medical institutions, political systems and judicial structures that promote diversity and inclusivity of all people regardless of their background.

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